"One of the coolest audio AR experiences ever...if you're a producer or a singer or if you're interested in sound and music in any way, you owe it to yourself to check this out." - Noah Yoo, Pitchfork

Fields is a spatial sound creation tool that uses augmented reality to turn your surrounding space into a sonic canvas. It requires nothing more than headphones and a mobile device, and features three-dimensional installations from Matmos, Ami Yamasaki, Robert Lippok, Nils Berg Cinemascope, and Chris Maier. New fields featuring Christina Chatfield and Dominika Ksel are now available.

"Fields combines gaming and spatial composition in a most playful and also very important mobile way. When I got the invitation to work for this software I said immediately yes because it was just something I was waiting for." - Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot) in CLOT Magazine

"Sound is ephemeral like the scent of the plum blossom; the moment you catch it, the scent disappears. I always yearn to experience it again. Fields allows me to go back to the scent of the sound I've already heard, but as a new experience, a new moment." - Ami Yamasaki

"Fields makes it so easy to create immersive audio experiences, and I love that it doesn't need any fancy equipment." - Christina Chatfield

"I see Fields like a new surround format for music and sound art. It's intimate, personalized, and offers a unique approach for spatial audio to reach a wider audience." - Matthew Patterson Curry (Safety Scissors)

"The best AR/VR results come from keeping things simple enough to let you consciously decide what you’re sensing; by keeping things abstract and representational, Fields achieves a more immersive result with a free iPhone app than most of the other in-progress demos out there. This is how I’m going to introduce spatial sound to anyone over five." - Jon Leidecker (Wobbly / Negativland)

Planeta is a product studio focused on sound and media. We develop creative tools, unique VR/AR experiences, and hardware products. Our sister entity, OONI, is a virtual reality studio with expertise in photography and art.

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