"One of the coolest audio AR experiences ever...if you're a producer or a singer or if you're interested in sound and music in any way, you owe it to yourself to check this out." - Noah Yoo, Pitchfork

Fields is a spatial sound creation tool that uses augmented reality to turn your surrounding space into a sonic canvas. It requires nothing more than headphones and a mobile device, and features three-dimensional installations from Matmos, Ami Yamasaki, Robert Lippok, Nils Berg Cinemascope, and Chris Maier. More features and fields will be launched soon.

"Fields combines gaming and spatial composition in a most playful and also very important mobile way. When I got the invitation to work for this software I said immediately yes because it was just something I was waiting for." - Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot) in CLOT Magazine

"Sound is ephemeral like the scent of the plum blossom; the moment you catch it, the scent disappears. I always yearn to experience it again. Fields allows me to go back to the scent of the sound I've already heard, but as a new experience, a new moment." - Ami Yamasaki

"The best AR/VR results come from keeping things simple enough to let you consciously decide what you’re sensing; by keeping things abstract and representational, Fields achieves a more immersive result with a free iPhone app than most of the other in-progress demos out there. This is how I’m going to introduce spatial sound to anyone over five." - Jon Leidecker (Wobbly / Negativland)

Planeta is a product studio focused on sound and media. We develop creative tools, unique VR/AR experiences, and hardware products. Our sister entity, OONI, is a virtual reality studio with expertise in photography and art.

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